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How G-Cam is changing the future of dentistry

Our dental business manager, Grant Turnbull, looks into how Graphenano Dental’s G-Cam is changing the face of dentistry.

At John Winter we’re proud to say we’re always at the forefront of the dental industry, looking out for the best products to introduce to the market. As such, we are sole UK distributor of Graphenano Dental’s G-Cam.

G-Cam is revolutionising dentistry by incorporating graphene into a nano-reinforced polymer disc for permanent dental structures ranging from crowns, inlays and veneers to full arch implant retained structures. The inclusion of Graphene, which is a force multiplier provides several key benefits including making products stronger, last longer and removes some of the processes previously required which help save time and money.

G-Cam is available in different multi-chromatic shades ensuring a natural appearance, making it ideal for all types of dental restorations, both posterior and anterior, in addition to complex full arch cases. This cutting-edge material delivers increased transparency as you move through the body of the restoration to the incisal tips, ensuring outstanding aesthetics whilst also providing good opacity on the prepared tooth should dark stumps need to be masked.

G-Cam is changing the way we look at permanent restorations with its enhanced properties delivering a reduction in stages required in the manufacturing process, making it more cost effective. It’s outstanding mechanical and biological properties overcome in many of the issues found in materials currently used in the sector.

It is very rare that a truly new material is introduced to the dental market, and we feel privileged to be involved with G-Cam, responsible for its UK market launch, spreading the word and being positioned with the backup of the Graphenano team to give support and training in both technical and clinical settings.

At John Winter, we understand the need to adapt to changes within the industry and to embrace innovation within the sector. As the only UK distributor, we are the first to bring G-Cam to this market, we are proving once again that we give our customers the trust in John Winter they have come to know and expect.

To find out more about G-Cam or our other dental products, contact us:

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