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“Working better together” with SHERA

Our dental business manager, Grant Turnbull, talks about our company motto and belief in “working better together” and how it has proved to be fundamental to our relationship with SHERA.

Our logo at John Winter includes the statement “working better together” – which we believe is important not just for our customers, but for our suppliers and our staff members too.

We’re proud that this approach rings true across our business, and one of the best examples of this is our relationship with SHERA – a relationship that we have enjoyed for decades.

SHERA is a dental manufacturing company that develops and produces high quality products for dental laboratories worldwide.

Known for its quality and reliability since it was founded in 1983, SHERA is a popular and well-respected brand that creates premium goods. Operating on a global scale, SHERA’s product range includes everything from dental stone to a wide selection of high-quality alloys, duplicating materials, polishing and cleaning agents as well as a multitude of other products.

Similarly, to John Winter, SHERA has a team of sales representatives with extensive experience in dental technology to provide expert advice. Despite its international scale, SHERA makes sure direct customer support is a number one priority, reacting quickly to questions asked or delivering support as required.

This service gives people the ability to speak to experts, whether they are ours or SHERA’s, to provide them with clarity, understanding and the confidence that we can help. Having a team that works the same way we do, meaning that they are constantly available to answer to any queries, offer much-needed reassurance and help to provide greater certainty.

At John Winter, we believe this is the right way to operate to support the sector. As a responsible business it’s important that we play our part, especially in difficult times like the ones we’ve seen over the past few years, to ensure a positive and collaborative future across the dental industry. This ethos is felt by our customers and our suppliers and is one of the many reasons we have such strong relationships with both.

We’re incredibly lucky to have great partners, such as SHERA, and this successful relationship has helped our dental business grow from strength to strength.

To find out more about our range of SHERA products or our other dental partners, contact us:



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